What is the B-Love Network?

What is B-Love Network? Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency. It can be used in everyday transactions. There are many cryptocurrency coins available in the market such as Bitcoin.

In the beginning, whenever Bitcoin came to the market. Its price was very low. But gradually its market value increased.

Now today its price is in thousands of dollars. It is also claimed that B-Love will gradually develop a lot and its price will increase a lot in the market.

B-Love Network is one such platform, the owner of this company claims that its token will quickly earn a good name in the cryptocurrency world. But its price is too low yet

B-Love Network

Let’s Talk about how it works.

1: Account Creation

The first thing you have to do is download the B-Love network app from the Google play store and after that register your account on it. To register an account you have to select your mobile number email address and password.

What is B-Love Network
Account Creation

As soon as you enter all these details your account will be created. You will be able to login to in. You will also enter a referral code T8Q0RHRPZD. After that, Your own referral code will be generated and you can refer this code to friends and can earn indirect tokens.

2: Different Earning Ways

There are three ways to earn from Friends B Love Network.

  • Number one, if you don’t do anything and create your account, you will get 100BLV, which you can stake and earn one token per day, and after five hundred days, you can sell them. Yes, you can sell a token for two dollars. So 500 tokens for two dollars will make you $1000 absolutely free
  • Number Two you can get a direct 10% commission by making your referral team. On one referral you will get 10 tokens and the bigger your team. The more commission you will get, and that too up to 15 levels 70% once. Once you have created your referral team, let’s see what to do next.
  • Number three If you want to earn by investing in something, you can do it too. At that time you will get 1000 B-love Network Tokens worth $30. If you buy them and put them on staking then you will get a daily commission for 500 days. After 500 days you will get a total of 5000 tokens for 1000 tokens and one token will cost 2 dollars. So you will have 10 thousand dollars at that time.

Note: The starting price of the B-Love Network Token will be two dollars. But in the coming days, it may be five dollars or fifteen or twenty dollars.

3: Coin Mining In B-Love Network

Remember, after creating an account, you have to start mining daily. You can mine coins by clicking on the heart, which will give you daily tokens. As much you mine coin as much it will be beneficial for you. No one knows about B-Love future but you should try it. As it doesn’t cost you.

What is B-Love Network
Coin Mining


Even now, the company claims that it will take its peak in the future. Which means its coin will earn high value in the crypto market. But no one can say whether it will be possible or not. But a famous and well-known cricketer from Pakistan, Wasim Akram, has promoted this company. He said that its future will be good. So we should look at that.

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